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Our skilled technicians perform professional installation of various types of air conditioning systems, including split systems, central systems, ductless mini-splits, and window units. We guarantee proper placement, efficient installation, and adherence to all safety regulations.

Repair and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for air conditioning systems. Our technicians diagnose issues, detect refrigerant leaks, replace components, and repair compressors. We also provide regular maintenance to ensure optimal system performance and prevent breakdowns.

Replacement of filters

Our specialists carry out professional cleaning of evaporator coils and air conditioners with special chemical means. This helps to maintain high indoor Air Quality, reduces the load on the system and ensures optimal efficiency of the entire system.

System Calibration

We perform calibration of air conditioning systems to provide optimal temperature conditions and comfort in your home or office. Our technicians tailor the settings to your preferences, ensuring proper system operation.

Component Replacement

We perform component replacement in air conditioning systems when repairs or upgrades are needed. Our technicians use high-quality replacement parts to ensure long-lasting system performance.

Energy Efficiency Assessments

We conduct energy efficiency assessments of your air conditioning system and provide recommendations for improving its productivity. This helps reduce energy consumption and utility costs.

Vacuum Refilling of Refrigerant

We provide vacuum refilling of refrigerant in air conditioning systems to ensure optimal cooling and system operation.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

The process of determining the quality of air in enclosed spaces to identify potential health hazards and establish measures for improving air quality.

Air Duct Service

The procedure of cleaning and servicing air ducts to ensure effective air circulation, removal of pollutants, and reducing the risk of allergic reactions and the spread of harmful substances.

Dehumidifier Service

The maintenance and servicing of dehumidifiers used to remove excess moisture from the air. This helps maintain a comfortable humidity level and prevents the growth of mold and other humidity-related issues.

Humidifier Service

The maintenance and servicing of humidifiers used to increase the humidity level in indoor spaces. This helps provide comfortable breathing conditions and prevents dry skin and irritation of mucous membranes.

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